Surfin' around the web, I stumbled across Jamie Zawinski's pages. And his webpages are old. Like startin with the early dawn of the interwebs. And he seems to be usin' Wordpress for a while now, proving it to be somewhat stable but also presenting somewhat odd displays.

Just in case you missed jwz's pages, you should visit them. And if it's just to see the list of fuckin' swears which got removed from the source code of Mozilla before it became publicly available --
However, some of his pages are preserved not in plain old HTML but in a Wordpress -- e.g., notable not only by the somewhat more SEOd URLs but also by the date as put on display:

... so, ok, he wrote that 14 years ago, thank you for converting this, Wordpress. Then i scroll down a bit and look at the responses section and there I see something like this:
Waitamomemt. 14 years ago at 4:15pm?! I don't know the day or the month but the fucking time?! When asking a suspect and he's answering "Sir, I assure you, I cannot recall what I did between 0304 and 0331 in the night my wife disappeared", that's just a teeny tiny bit off. It's just a bit short of "And I definitely cannot recall what happened the same night between 0407 and 0547 at 4899 Musclecat Drive behind the house right underneath the family's swimming pool, and can I have another glass of water, please?"

Oh, and I guess the nick "icis_machine" is a bit off these days. But tell that to the makers of Archer