Microsoft tries to let it die in peace (i.e., silence). But it just won't die. Microsoft Windows XP has become a zombie, floating around in today's communication infrastructure. It can be everywhere -- and like the zombie in a good movie, it's usually hiding where you expect it the least. Check your elevator firmware!

Recently watching German television, there was a short sequence showing the control room during interview taping:

Wait, what? Can I see that again?

Embedded in a gazillion buttons which look as if pressing them must be an extremely pleasuring experience, there is a screen showing a Windows XP Professional logon screensaver...

Bottom line: Embedded operating systems are practically everlasting -- a system within a broadcast installation is developed not to be updated, but to work. And back in the days that console was installed, XP more than likely was the latest hottest and state-of-the-art shit. In a nutshell: That's life.

Side-note: Still better see an XP in a TV prodction setup than as base for intensive care equipment in a hospital. Tough... if you take a closer look at the first picture, the screen to the very right has a somewhat younger windows on display it seems.