Select and reorder pages suitable for producing brochure prints on a one-side-printer. Note that work on this function started at a time at which "Brochure Printing" was not supported by Adobe Reader, so it's not completely reinventing the square wheel.


To print a brochure, pages in a document have to be selected and rearranged. Given the following manual process:

To be able to produce a brochure like this, pages from the orginal document need to be reordered as follows. First, have a look at the original page order in a seven page document:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
For a brochure, two sheets of paper will be printed with two pages of the original document on each side. The upsides of the two sheets must be printed as follows:
[   | 1 ]   [ 6 | 3 ]
Please note that there has been aded an empty page!
When we then take the resulting paper stack and put it back in the paper tray of the printer, it needs to print the following sequence:
[ 4 | 5 ]   [ 2 | 7 ]
... and according to this the document has to be prepared. It has to be split in two documents which contain the pages in the respective order. The PDF tool takes care of this task using the brochure command. For how to apply in an example, see the followig section. Note that if you do not specify the -reverse-switch when processind the downside, you will have to invert the page order of the paper stack because the print will start with document page 4 -- which must be printed on the downmost paper sheet.


shell$ # make a brochure print from mybook.pdf
shell$ pdftool brochure -i mybook.pdf -upsideonly -o upside.pdf
shell$ pdftool brochure -i mybook.pdf -downsideonly -reverse -i downside.pdf