I recently (ok, some months ago) started using FreeBSD with binary packets. It was a complete new experience, compared to the ports. Until it stopped working.

What happened

I wanted to perform an update. Thus I executed pkg update and pkg upgrade. Unfortunately, the latter of them bailed out with an error message stating that the downloaded binary package had a checksum mismatch.

failed checksum from repository
Then I started googeling.
I came across some reportings of the very same problem and there seemed to be a promising solution: Force refresh of everything from the repo, so the fingerprints are fresh, too. To to this, I issued pkg update -f -- which should download and upgrade all relevant files. It did not help. I was googling and stumbled across posts like this https://pcbsd.org/showthread.php?t=19823 with no answer.


This was the point of time when I decided to break a taboo -- I broke the graveyard silence at irc://irc.unixfreunde.de/#bsd. And co-idler lme was so kind to help me solve this problem. The solution was easy -- just update the pkg tool. Yes, mine was outdated (shame on me).
So, a quick pkg install -f pkg later, everything was fine and worked as expected. Note that pkg comes built statically so there should not appear any dependency problems. Which I was afraid of.