From time to time I need to store some things in tables. Not the big things, not gigabytes of data. More like hundereds. In such cases, I like to rely on CSV files. Consequently, I somehow wrote me an editor to work with them a bit more comfortable than with vi.

Typical use cases

In the beginning, there should usually be a requirements analysis. What are typical requirements surrounding my use of CSV?

These requirements in the past already led to some scripts which took care of new data input and greppiung data -- this weekend I finally got my ass up to combine them to a fully usable csv editing script which I hereby hand to whomever wants to try it. I do like it. Especially since i started using single keystrokes as commands.


CSVEDIT is published under the two-clause BSD license. Short version: Do whatever you feel like, including selling it and making millions on my back -- but do not remove the notice that I wrote this specific piece of code. Not in the license: If you do so (make millions of my back, not remove the notice), invite me for a drink.

Download and running advice

You can download CSVEDIT here down/ To run, issue

perl somecsvfile.csv
as I did not include a shebang-line. I did so on purpose: On my system, perl is /usr/bin/perl. I'm not sure, your perl interpreter shares this locatiuon.


CSVEDDIT is mostly improvised and far away from being a masterpiece of perl programming art. It's written in a way to work on my system -- there is no guarentee for it to be runnable or functional on your system... it depends at least on a VT100 compatible console and the stty utility.