This is one of these small helper applications like a calculator. It's nothing big, but it can be a lifesaver as it eases things remarkably.

The use case for this helplet is pretty straight forward -- trying to match the recording of a text with a timely constraint. Which might sound easy at the first glance, mostly until it sinks in that the problem is not only being too long, i.e. needing too much time but also being too short, i.e., being done before the time is over. Turns out, it helps a lot to have a countdown clock running which has some not-so-standard-features:

... but why haven't you implemented it as a web app? Because there's no way to make a browser window float on top.


The sources can be found at down/, the binary at down/

MD5 ( = 31a2fdcf28c62084dde84da3c315fc9a